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Makeup That Stays Put: Must-Have Products for Long-Lasting Comfortable Glam

Dernière mise à jour : 8 nov. 2023

Get Set for Makeup Excellence!

Before I dive into creating the perfect makeup look for my clients, it's crucial to prepare their skin. In this post, I've handpicked essential skincare products that'll help achieve a radiant base for makeup. These pre-makeup must-haves are the key to unlocking that coveted glowy, healthy skin look. Explore my selection below to unveil the secrets of enduring beauty."



Toner with acid (for removing dead cells)

Serums (hydration)

Creams and oils (nourishment for dry skin)

Double serums (for combination or dehydrated skin)

Lip balms

Mattifying base for oily skin (for local application)

Smoothing base (for dry skin)

Hydrating base

Shimmering(glowing) base

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